We Need You!

When we think of Computer Scientists, or scientists in general, most often people think that they are men. However, what is not well known is that a vast number of scientific inventions were created by WOMEN!

Why CIS?

In alignment with the values instilled in us by the Sinsinawan Dominican Sisters, here at Edgewood College, our mission is to provide equal opportunities for education for anyone who desires it. Today, everything runs on computer software, and it all needs computer science professionals to design and program the software that keeps this high-tech world running. At Edgewood College, CIS (Computing & Information Systems) majors receive an up-to-date education in the world of computing and, when they graduate, use their degree in a wide variety of careers in the IT profession.

Why Choose STEM

You can change the world! The solutions to the world problems like global warming, cancer, poverty, can all be solved by amazing, creative minds in STEM. Those minds are You!