Why Computing and Information Sciences?

The CIS Department at Edgewood College prepares students for employment in a wide range of positions—web development, IT management, programming, networking support, help desk, and project management.

Because of the flexibility of the major and its strong foundational base of theory and practice, students are prepared to quickly respond to opportunities offered by this fast-paced and constantly changing profession.

Degree Programs in CIS

Bachelor of Science Degrees Minors in CIS
CIS, BS, Accelerated Computer Information Systems Minor
CIS, BS, Business Concentration Computer Information Systems Minor -Accelerated Program
CIS, BS, Cyber-security Concentration Computer Information Systems Minor
CIS, BS, Data Science Concentration Computer Science Teaching Minor
CIS, BS, Mobile Development Concentration
CIS, BS, Neural Science Concentration
CIS, BS, Web Software Development Concentration
CIS, BS, Business
CIS, BS, Business Accelerated

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Learning at Edgewood
CIS Degree CIS & Business Degree CIS Web Design & Development Degree
Database fundamentals Foundational acccouting and financial skills End user expectations - Usability
Network architecture Business managment and strategy Relevant graphic design skills
Network security & management Human resource management and related skills Project management
Programming in languages such as Python & Java Web development from the basics and beyond
Project management skills (in IT and beyond)
Basic & advanced web development