Infographic About Careers in CIS statistics


Graduating from Edgewood College with a CIS degree will open many doors. Whether you want to work as a computer programmer, support specialist, database manager, or anything computer-related, the possibilities are endless in the fast-developing, high-demand CIS field.


Internships are an indispensable part of the CIS degree. All students are required to have at least one internship when completing their degree. Often the internships are the gateway to finding a full-time job, which many students end up getting even before they graduate.

Students at Edgewood gain real life work experience by working with partners in the community.
Potential Employers/Internships
TDS Telecommunications
UW Health
Century Link
Cuna Mutual
StarTech Computing Inc.
Beacon Hill Technologies
Hewlett-Packard (HP) Hardware Company
Meriter Hospital & Clinics
Health Grades
Baker Tilly

There are endless opportunities for IT professionals in an increasingly technological world.