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What is Edgewood Empowered?

Edgewood EmPowered is all about bringing ideas to life using the collective skills of its members. It is a creative space in which members are able to explore a multitude of mediums and skills such as web design, coding/programming, database management, digital art, and more!
The club also acts as a platform for developing growth and knowledge in the personal and professional career world associated with the computer sciences, as well as a means to share inspiration and aspirations.
Join us and come to a meeting!


    We host many fun events through Edgewood Empowered. Some of these events we have hosted in the past include:
  • Field trips to local technology companies and more
  • Technology industry guest speakers
  • Game nights with the rest of the club (Among Us, other multiplayer games, etc.)
  • Movie nights!

while Covid-19 has put a pause in some of our activites, we still host virtual events!
Stay tuned for more fun with Edgewood Empowered

Past, Present, & Future Projects

Edgewood Empowered is all about putting the power into the students hands. We do this by creating hands-on activities for the group to do indivually and collaboratively. We are always open to suggestions and can't wait to hear what fun ideas other people have to come up with.

  • Robotics projects using Raspberry Pi
  • "Game show" themed computer science tournament nights
  • Tech talk show & tell
  • Club podcast

Meeting Times & Locations

During Covid-19 precautions, we do not have a standard meeting time. Getting added to our email list is the best way to be updated of current events, changes, and meeting times. Thank you for your patience during this time.

Stay tuned for more information!

Who is Edgewood Empowered?

While the people in Edgewood Empowered actually make the group who we are, we also have a highly intelligent group of individuals who help manage the fun. They can help with any questions, proposals, etc, that you may come up with.

2020-2021 Executives

President: Matt Held
Vice President: Jake Thorson
Secretary: Matt Held
Treasurer: Jake Thorson
Public Relations: John Lyons
Internal Relations: Jake Thorson

Still have questions? Or want to contact us?
Email: edgewood-empowered@edgewood.edu

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