Edgewood College, Class of 2009
Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems

How I Decided on my Major
I’ve always had an interest in computers and programming. I knew from a young age I would be pursuing a career in the field, so when it came time to select a major, it was a pretty easy choice.

What I’m Up To
I’m working as a manager of software engineering at Dell. I help oversee the entire development process from architecture to deployment and support. I work with a multi-national and distributed team of software developers, testers, product managers and support staff. In addition to my job, I spend time working on open source projects, speaking, and writing both blogs and books. Through this type of activity I’ve been awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional title for the past three years.

Edgewood Experiences that have Helped Me Since Graduating
The technical classes that involved team work and seeing a project through to completion really helped to shape the way I tackle problems in the workplace. Often there is a misperception in the CIS field that work is done alone and behind a computer. This is not the case, and in fact, having a background in working as a team has proved to be extremely important. The computer industry is one of the most connected, and thus makes it almost more important to develop your soft skills as it is your technical ones. Many times we find that the biggest hurdle in software development is merely a matter of communication.


How a Liberal Arts Education Influenced My Outlook
I found the liberal arts portion of my education opened my eyes to all kinds of topics that I would not have pursued on my own. It has allowed me to develop a thirst for knowledge outside of my work life. This type of balance helps to shape a person not only as an ideal employee, but also as a well-rounded individual.

Making the Most of Your Educational Opportunities at Edgewood
I would suggest to always challenge yourself and find what really interests you. The computer industry is vast and diverse with ample opportunities to become successful and fulfilled. Try to work on projects, do research, or network outside of class because you’re passionate about them, and not just because they meet criteria for your education. Seek out your teachers and peers to help in the pursuit of these endeavors and it will foster strong relationships that will aid in your education now and your career in the future.

What Students Can Do Outside the Classroom to Prepare for Their Careers
An internship proved to be paramount to my learning in school and beyond. Even a few hours a week can open your eyes to what it really means to work in the field. I’ve found that a college education can teach you how to study and learn, but nothing compares to what you can gain from on-the-job training.