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CIS Club

Anyone interested in CIS can benefit from CIS Club! We offer our members a fun opportunity to explore CIS topics beyond the classroom, plan events, collaborate on projects, take part in site visits (such as EPIC!) and much more!

Meeting Schedule : Once every other week, on an alternating lunch/evening schedule.
A Week: TBD.
B Week: TBD.
Mission Statement :
To include everyone, work collaboratively and further our pursuits of academic excellence in the field of information technology, while having fun and establishing new connections. To further our learning and apply our knowledge of CS topics to real life applications in a fun, constructive environment.

Executive Board Officers
President :
Zander Yeiser
Vice President : TBD.
Secretary : Elias Zografi

How to Join

Open to All!
Or just come to a meeting!


Upcoming Annual CIS Spotlight Showcase - TBA April
Game Nights!

Our Projects

  • Raspberry Pi Projects
  • Emulators
  • Topic Research
  • Peer Guided Homework Help